William Sedona Hiking Guide Color Edition Arizona. Your Guide to Hiking the Best Parts of the TrailThe 800-mile Arizona National Scenic Trail (AZT) is as beautiful as it is daunting. It crosses the state, from Mexico to Utah. It travels up and down Sky Island mountain ranges, across the Saguaro-studded Sonoran Desert, through the largest Ponderosa Pine forest in the world, past Arizonas highest peak, and from rim to rim of the Grand Canyon. But you dont need to hike the entire route to experience its historical, geological, and botanical significance. Many scenic views and important sites are accessible within a few hours journey.Trail expert Sirena Rana guides you along the most interesting and accessible portions of the trail in 30 carefully crafted routes. Each entry includes navigational information and interpretive facts about the trails cultural history, natural history, and geography.This guidebook was created in partnership with the Arizona Office of Tourism. It is perfect for casual and experienced hikers alike, so get out there and enjoy the trail!

William Sedona Hiking Guide Color Edition Arizona

William Sedona Hiking Guide Color Edition Arizona

William Sedona Hiking Guide Arizona. Whether you are going to Sedona for a day, a week, a month or longer and you want a guide book with color photos, you’ll want to have this hiking guide to plan your hikes. It has the same content as the Sedona Hiking Guide (black and white edition) but is printed in beautiful color. Written by a Sedona local author, it is the go-to reference for hiking Sedona’s trails.It is the most up-to-date Sedona hiking guide available and contains 120 of Sedona’s hiking trails and loop hikes with a beautiful color photo and a detailed color map of each trail/loop.The Sedona hiking trail system is constantly changing. While other Sedona hiking guides books are printed in China or South Korea which can result in long delays in incorporating changes, I keep the Sedona Hiking Guide Color Edition up-to-date by constantly hiking the trails and updating the guide as needed. For example, it was updated in June 2020.The guide is printed in the U.S. and the print-on-demand format allows me to quickly make revisions to the trail maps and descriptions so you are assured of having the most up-to-date information on the trails..Why settle for only 10 Top hikes? 20 Favorite Sedona Hiking Trails and Loop Hikes are featured among the 120 trails/loops in the Sedona area. The trails are organized by level of difficulty (easy, easy to moderate, moderate, hard).This organization and the clear, concise, easy to understand directions to the trail heads help you choose the perfect hike for your Sedona adventure.The Sedona Hiking Guide Color Edition includes driving mileage to the trailheads, comprehensive trail descriptions complete with GPS waypoints, and accurate commentary about the included trails and loops. The individual trail maps are based on actual GPS tracks.For those new to hiking, you’ll find hiking tips, Sedona weather information, sunrise/sunset data, and parking pass requirements to help you plan your hikes.The author is a Sedona resident who hikes these trails on a regular basis. For your maximum enjoyment and safety, be sure to carry an up-to-date hiking guide while on the trails. the Sedona Hiking Guide Color Edition.

William Sedona Hiking Guide Arizona

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