Wet cat food from Cosma Asia in a nutshell: Extra wet food for cats that is high quality Made with fresh fish or meat Or more than two sources of protein Getting enough nutrition A little more filling with rice Doesn’t have any added flavors, colors, or chemicals Cosma Asia cat food is a deliciously different way for your cat to eat. Each type has at least two sources of protein, like tasty meat, fish, or seafood, and a small amount of rice to make it more filling. The carefully chosen vegetables are cooked slowly so that all of the healthy nutrients and natural flavors are kept.

Wet cat food from Cosma Asia in a nutshell

All of the wet cat food in the Cosma Asia range is made from high-quality, natural products and doesn’t have any added flavors, colors, or chemicals. Your cat will get the right vitamins from Cosma Asia, and it tastes great too. You can get Cosma Asia 24 x 170g in the following flavors: Mix 8, 170g of tuna with crab meat, 4, 170g of chicken with shrimp, 470g of chicken with tuna, and 470g of chicken with chicken liver. Mix Two to five different kinds: eight tuna with crab meat, four tuna with bream, four tuna with beef, four tuna with salmon, and four chicken with barramundi.

Mix Foods Fruits – Three Types: 8 pieces of chicken tuna with pineapple, 8 pieces of chicken tuna with papaya, and 8 pieces of chicken salmon. Soft chicken bits and light tuna chunks in a tasty jelly sauce. Chicken with Liver: Chicken with Shrimps: juicy chicken with pieces of healthy chicken liver in a tasty jelly Chicken with Barramundi: Tender pieces of chicken and tasty shrimp in a tasty jelly sauce Tender chicken bits and juicy barramundi in a tasty jelly Fish with crab meat: Heavy chunks of tuna and soft crab meat in a tasty jelly Tuna with Bream: Fine snapper and chunks of light tuna With beef and tuna: Light tuna chunks with rich beef Tuna with Salmon: Light tuna chunks with soft salmon Cosma Asia is a real treat for your cat!

Cosma Asia In Jelly Saver Pack 24

Snacks from Cosma are made from only chicken, duck, beef, tuna, or salmon. They are a natural, grain-free treat for cats made from meat or fish and nothing else. Cats that are very picky love them. Cosma Snackies are made through a slow and gentle freeze-drying process that keeps all the healthy ingredients and great taste.

Very little water is slowly sucked out of the meat or fish while it is being carefully cooked. Your cat will really enjoy the taste of Cosma Snackies because they are made with high-quality ingredients and are carefully put together. The meat and fish that are used are all safe for people to eat. These tasty little treats are made with carefully chosen ingredients that will please even the pickiest cat.

There are following flavors of Cosma Snackies Saver Packs to choose from: Five 26-gram pieces of chicken: Cats who love chicken will love these tasty chunks of meat. Duck (5 x 21g): Sweet and tasty bits of duck meat (5 x 23g): This is a delicious snack made with chosen cuts of meat. Tuna (5 x 25g): If your cat likes fish, these sweet chunks of tuna are just what it needs. Salmon (5 x 21g): Tempting chunks of tasty salmon are the best treat for cats.

Not Able to Stop Snackies from Cosma are freeze-dried cat treats made from only meat or fish. They come from nature and are simple to digest. They come in a handy tube that can be closed again and again, which keeps the natural meat or fish fresh and tasty. Your cat can get Snackies several times a day, or you can mix them up with other food to keep things interesting.

It will love you even more. Your cat will love Cosma Snackies because they are one of a kind and have a delightful, natural taste. With Cosma Snackies, you can give your cat a healthy food.

Cosma Snackies Saver Pack

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