Usda Coconino National Forest Arizona. The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest map is a must have for all visitors to these majestic and unbroken expanses of forest. This map features Apache National Forest on one side and Sitgreaves Ntional Forest on the other.

Usda Coconino National Forest Arizona

Usda Coconino National Forest Arizona

Usda Mount Wrightson and Pajarita Wildernesses Arizona. The Coconino National Forest map is a must have for visitors to this area. This map lists recreation sites and gives tips vistors should be aware of while visiting this forest.

Usda Mount Wrightson and Pajarita Wildernesses Arizona

Usda Coronado National Forest – Safford and Santa Catalina Ranger Districts Arizona. Mt. Wrightson Wilderness encompasses 25,260 acres. Rising a magnificent 7,000 feet from the desert floor, 9,453-foot high Mount Wrightson is visible from great distances. At the core the Santa Rita Mountains, this Wilderness has rough hillsides, deep canyons and lofty ridges and peaks surrounded on all sides by semiarid hills and sloping grasslands. Pajarita Wilderness encompasses 7,553 acres. Pajarita is a Spanish word meaning, little bird.The area’s rugged canyons, which point south toward the subtropical environments of Mexico and Central America, provide a natural migration route for a surprising diverisity of birds.

Usda Coronado National Forest - Safford and Santa Catalina Ranger Districts Arizona

Usda Northern Chiricahua Mountains Arizona. The 1.7 million-acre Coronado consists of 15 mountain ranges which rise dramatically from a sea of surrounding desert. These are sometimes referred to as Sky Islands. Elevations frange from 3,000 feet to 10,720 feet above sea level, supporting vegetation communities as biologically diverse as those encountered from Mexico to Canada. Views from these mountains are spectacular and visitors might experience all four seasons during a single day in the Coronado, spending the morning wandering among giant saguaros and the colorful cottonwood trees and playing in the snow later in the afternoon.

Usda Northern Chiricahua Mountains Arizona

Usda Tonto National Forest Arizona. The Northern Chiricahura Mountains map is a must have for visitors to this section of the Coronado National Forest. This map contains enough information to be considered a small guide to the area, containing history, safety tips, and descriptions of locations.

Usda Tonto National Forest Arizona

Usda Pusch Ridge Wilderness Arizona. The Tonto National Forest encompasses almost 3 million acres of rugged country, ranging from saguaro cactus-studded desert to pine-forested mountains beneath the Mogollon Rim connected by a series of scenic drives. This unique variety in vegetation and range in altitude (from 1,300 to 7,900 feet) offers outstanding recreational opportunities throughout the year. There are over 29,000 acres of lakes in the desert, including Theodore Roosevelt, Apache, Canyon, and Saguaro lakes on the Salt River (all with marinas and other facilities) and Bartlett (with marina) and Horseshoe Reservoir on the Verde River. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy viewing and hunting small game, deer, bear, javelina, and turkey. There are many miles of hiking and horseback trails.

Usda Pusch Ridge Wilderness Arizona

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