University Historical Atlas Of Arizona – 2nd Edition Arizona. Backroads of Arizona guides you into the heart of Arizona’s sun-shiny beauty and fascinating history. In this thoroughly updated edition, you’ll find twenty-five driving tours and adventures that take you off the beaten path to stunning landscapes and breathtakingly beautiful vistas. Marvel at the multicolored hues of the Painted Desert and the jaw-dropping majesty of the snowcapped San Francisco Peaks. Wander into a sky-high forest of regal ponderosa pines and quaking aspens near Flagstaff, scan the deep blue waters of Lake Havasu on the western border, and feel dwarfed by the incredible Grand Canyon. With scenic drives in all corners of the state, Backroads of Arizona offers insight into Arizona’s rich history, from the Spanish conquistadors seeking the legendary cities of gold to the Wild West shootout at Tombstone’s OK Corral.Thanks to the maps and directions to the Grand Canyon State’s unique scenic, historic, and cultural attractions, you can explore prehistoric cliff dwellings, hike to see a mountainside of cacti in bloom, or get your kicks on Route 66. This second edition includes new routes along timeless roads, with fresh images and pithy stories of what can be found along the way. Discover something off the beaten path, and make memories you’ll never forget.

University Historical Atlas Of Arizona - 2nd Edition Arizona

University Historical Atlas Of Arizona – 2nd Edition Arizona

University Ghost Towns Of Arizona Fiction. Arizona’s Deadliest Gunfight: Draft Resistance and Tragedy at the Power Cabin, 1918 by Heidi J. OsselaerOn a cold winter morning, Jeff Power was lighting a fire in his remote Arizona cabin when he heard a noise, grabbed his rifle, and walked out the front door. Someone in the dark shouted, Throw up your hands! Shots rang out from inside and outside the cabin, and when it was all over, Jeffs sons, Tom and John, emerged to find the sheriff and his two deputies dead, and their father mortally wounded.Arizonas deadliest shoot-out happened not in 1881, but in 1918 as the United States plunged into World War I, and not in Tombstone, but in a remote canyon in the Galiuro Mountains northeast of Tucson. Whereas previous accounts have portrayed the gun battle as a quintessential western feud, historian Heidi J. Osselaer explodes that myth and demonstrates how the national debate over U.S. entry into the First World War divided society at its farthest edges, creating the political and social climate that lead to this tragedy.A vivid, thoroughly researched account, Arizonas Deadliest Gunfight describes an impoverished family that wanted nothing to do with modern civilization. Jeff Power had built his cabin miles from the nearest settlement, yet he could not escape the federal governments expanding reach. The Power men were far from violent criminals, but Jeff had openly criticized the Great War, and his sons had failed to register for the draft.To separate fact from dozens of false leads and conspiracy theories, Osselaer traced the Power familys roots back several generations, interviewed descendants of the shoot-outs participants, and uncovered previously unknown records. What happened to Tom and John Power afterward is as stirring and tragic a story as the gunfight itself. Weaving together a family-based local history with national themes of wartime social discord, rural poverty, and dissent, Arizonas Deadliest Gunfight will be the authoritative account of the 1918 incident and the memorable events that unfolded in its wake.

University Ghost Towns Of Arizona Fiction

University Arizona’s Deadliest Gunfight: Draft Resistance And Tragedy At The Power Cabin 1918 Fiction. Home to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Arizona is a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts–the desert landscape is brimming with opportunities for exploration and adventure. In this guide we join travel writer Roger Naylor as he takes us through the state parks of this amazing region. The parks featured throughout this book offer some of the best hiking, camping, fishing, boating, stargazing, and wildlife watching in the state. It’s no surprise to Arizona residents that these state parks offer the same kind of experience found in national parks and monuments–providing great adventure through easy day trips and weekend getaways.

University Arizona's Deadliest Gunfight: Draft Resistance And Tragedy At The Power Cabin 1918 Fiction

University John Hance: The Life, Lies, And Legend Of Grand Canyon’s Greatest Storyteller Fiction. Ghost Towns Of Arizona by James Sherman. Arizonas ghost towns exemplify mans courage, tenacity, and perhaps even foolishness in his search for wealth. Inevitable by-products of the development of gold, silver, copper, and other mineral deposits in Arizona, some of these communities mushroomed overnight into a hodgepodge of tents and makeshift homes, while others developed over a period of years into tidy, well-planned townsites. Whatever their design, intent, or purpose, when their existence was no longer profitable they slipped into the category of ghost towns.

University John Hance: The Life, Lies, And Legend Of Grand Canyon's Greatest Storyteller Fiction

Usda Blue Range Wilderness Arizona. MyTopo Hunt Area / Game Management Units (GMU) Maps are 1:100,000-scale maps using the Bureau of Land Management Land Status base maps. These maps include public land ownership boundaries, topography, roads, and key terrain features. The selected State hunt unit or game management unit boundary is overlaid on the BLM base.

Usda Blue Range Wilderness Arizona

Usda Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests Arizona. The Blue Range Primitive Area in the state of Arizona and the Blue Range Wilderness in the state of New Mexico together comprise 222,500 acres of pristine wilderness. Both areas are commonly referred to as the Blue. Elevations range from 5,000 feet with a Chihuahuan Desert ecosystem to mixed confifers at 9,000 feet. In between you will find vast expanses of pinyon and juniper woodlands. Located on the Apatche National Forest.

Usda Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests Arizona

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