Quick look at the Jelly Pouches Saver Pack from Cosma Asia: Supplemental, high-quality wet cat food Preparation using only the freshest seafood or meat A little bit sweetened with rice Nutritional needs of different species Not sweetened, preserved, or artificially colored. Your feline friend will have a once-in-a-lifetime gourmet adventure with Cosma Asia cat chow. Lightly fortified with rice, each variant has two or more protein sources sourced from delectable meat, fish, or shellfish.

Cats food Jelly Pouches Saver Pack from Cosma Asia

All of the vital nutrients and the natural flavor of the hand-picked ingredients are preserved through gentle preparation. Extra wet cat food from Cosma Asia is all-natural and crafted with high-quality ingredients; it doesn’t include any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Cosma Asia is a delicious and nutritious option for your feline friend. You may choose from these flavors of Cosma Asia Pouches, each of which is 24 x 100g: Variety Pack with Six Different Types: Four pieces of chicken with shrimp, four pieces of tuna with crab meat, four pieces of chicken with chicken liver, four pieces of salmon, and four pieces of beef.

Lightly enhanced with unusual rice, this dish has delicate morsels of chicken accompanied with flavorful shrimp in jelly. Lightly seasoned with unique rice, this tuna dish has bits of crab meat and easily digestible tuna in a jelly sauce. Delightful slices of chicken and delicate tuna in jelly, enhanced with unusual rice, make up Chicken with Tuna. Delicious chicken breasts and robust chicken livers in a jelly sauce with unusual rice: that’s chicken with chicken livers. Delectable tuna and flaky salmon seasoned with unique rice—that’s the recipe for Tuna and Salmon. Exotic rice enhances the flavor of hand-picked tuna with succulent meat. Your feline friend will adore Cosma Asia!

Cosma Asia In Jelly Pouches Saver Pack 24

Small jelly cups from Cosma are great for cats to eat between meals. A saver pack of Cosma mini jelly cups 24 x 25g in a nutshell: Extra snack for cats No grains With tasty chicken, fish, or seafood in a juicy jelly Great as a snack in between meals These pure and tasty little snacks are made with the best chicken breast, tuna from the Pacific, or fish in a juicy jelly. They don’t have any grains and don’t have any added chemicals. Just turn the cup over and put it in the bowl.

Now you can give your cat a tasty treat. You can pick from 4 tasty flavors and a handy mixed pack. Eight Pacific Tuna are in the mixed pack. 8 pieces of chicken breast 4 x Cod or Tuna 4 pieces of chicken or shrimp For a healthy snack for your cat, try Cosma Mini Jelly Cup Snacks.

Cosma Mini Jelly Cups Saver Pack 24

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