Pure and natural, Cosma Snackies DUO are twice as tasty as the original. Two distinct flavors are contained in each tube: A blend of chicken breast, tuna, chicken liver, or shrimp that is absolutely pure. All cats, even the pickiest ones, adore them. Careful and extended freeze-drying preserves all the essential nutrients and delicious flavor in Cosma Snackies. Carefully heating the meat or fish to a low temperature progressively extracts the water while retaining the flavor.

Pure and natural cats food Cosma Snackies DUO

Cosma Snackies are prepared with the utmost care, so your cat can have a deliciously intense snack. The quality of the meat and fish utilized is such that it may be safely consumed by humans. The ingredients in Cosma Snackies are hand-picked so that even the pickiest cat would love them. Now available in fantastic value bundles: You can get Cosma Snackies DUO in these flavors: 5 pieces of 23g chicken shrimp (115g): 75 percent chicken, 25 percent shrimp 27.5% chicken, 25.5% tuna; 5 x 26 g, 130 g, package.

Five 28-gram servings of chicken liver (140 grams): 75 percent chicken, 25 percent liver. Plus, if your feline friend is a foodie who enjoys trying new things, you can get them in a handy Mixed Saver Pack. 2 pieces of 28 g chicken liver (56 g), 2 pieces of 26 g chicken tuna (52 g), and 1 piece of 23 g chicken shrimp Natural and simple to digest, pure beef or fish freeze-dried snacks are a great option. They are well-liked due to their natural flavor.

Cats will love the delicious Cosma Snackies DUO treats, and the resealable tube will preserve the authentic flavors of the meat and fish within. Snackies can be sprinkled over food to create a changing pattern or fed to cats many times daily. Pure flesh is a flavor your cat will appreciate. Your feline friend will go wild for the one-of-a-kind flavor profile of the Cosma Snackies DUO cat nibbles. Your feline friend will love the all-natural Cosma Snackies Duo.

Cosma Snackies Duo 2 In 1

Quick look at the 280-gram cans of Cosma Nature supplemental wet cat food: Content of meat: 75% simple to digest and offers a wide variety of species to your feline friend’s diet-suitable proteins Juicy, flavorful food that retains all of the nutrients is made using fresh ingredients cooked in their own juices.

Apt for felines with sensitive skin: If your cat is picky or has dietary sensitivities, try Cosma Nature. It’s prepared with only a few carefully chosen ingredients. Ingredients only: Every single one of these recipes is devoid of any and all artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Can size that works best for families with more cats Cosma Nature’s complementary wet food offers a delicious variety of flavors while also providing your cat with a species-appropriate meal: Tender chicken fillets for cats that enjoy eating just meat. The conventional choice—juicy, light-colored tuna—is skipjack. Delectable light and black tuna flesh—that’s Pacific tuna.

Salmon – juicy, flavorful chunks of salmon Seafood Anchovy — delicious seafood paired with entire anchovies Tantalizing chicken, flavorful tuna, and melty cheese—that’s Chicken Tuna with Cheese. Chicken Flavorful fish accompanied by delicate chicken White Meat Chicken Breast Chicken with light slices of tuna make a delicious pairing. Chicken Tender chicken stuffed with flavorful chicken ham Chicken Yummy cheese with juicy chicken Tuna Shrimps—slices of mild tuna adorned with shrimp Mix 1-Six varieties: Chicken Fillet, Chicken Tuna, Chicken with Shrimps, Chicken Salmon, and Chicken with Chicken Hams.

Mix Salmon, Chicken Fillet, Pacific Tuna, Chicken Tuna with Cheese, Lamb Tuna, and Tuna with Anchovies are the six variations available. The meat or fish component of Cosma Nature, a natural wet cat food supplement, is an extraordinarily high 75%. All of the foods are delicately cooked in their own juices, retaining their natural flavors and nutrients, and there is a broad variety of tasty options. Cosma Nature is an all-natural, exquisite treat for your feline friend!

Cosma Nature Saver Pack 12

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