Bearport Go Climbing! Books. The Red Tail Tale on the Arizona Trail is written by Rodo Sofranac, a writer, teacher, trainer, and translator based in Phoenix, AZ. The full-color book features photographs, illustrations, and tons of educational material in 62 exciting pages.Through his organization RodoWrites, Rodo gives back to literacy and youth outdoor programs. The purpose of The Red Tail Tale on the Arizona Trail is to give exposure to and provide a funding source for the Arizona Trail Association. Up to 100% of the profits generated by this book are donated to the ATAs Seeds of Stewardship program. Its an incredible resource for kids of all ages!

Bearport Go Climbing! Books

Bearport Go Climbing! Books

Benchmark Arizona Road, Recreation Atlas – 12th Edition Arizona. Arizona Day Trips By Theme by Leigh Wilson. Discover hundreds of unique attractions around the Grand Canyon State. This comprehensive guide by Leigh Wilson is jam-packed with Arizonas top spots for fun and entertainment. Take a simple day trip, or string together a longer vacation of activities that appeal to you. Useful for singles, couples, and familiesvisitors and residents alikethis guide encompasses a wide range of interests.

Benchmark Arizona Road & Recreation Atlas - 12th Edition Arizona

Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas: Colorado Colorado. Thrust skyward by Earths forces between 40 and 70 million years ago, then sculpted by three glacial episodes, the Rocky Mountains are new in geologic terms, and form one of the world’s longest rangesstretching almost unbroken from Alaska to below the nation’s southern border. Rocky Mountain National Park preserves a small but important neighborhood within this range. Just outside the park, the towns of Estes Park and Grand Lake are the primary hubs before entry and are connected by Trail Ridge Roadone of ten America’s Byways in Colorado and a national designated All-American Road. The Rocky Mountain National Park Day Hikes Topographic Map Guide includes sixteen diverse hikes for all hiking enthusiasts, from the easy, 4.7 mile long Cub Lake Trail to the strenuous, 8.4 mile long Chasm Lake Trail that brings hikers to base of the 14,259 foot Longs Peak. Each hike has a detailed map, a trail profile visualizing the changes in elevation, and a short summary of the interesting features encountered along the trip. Some of the must-visit sites in this Topographic Map Guide are: Ouzel Falls and Calypso Fallstwo scenic waterfalls in one hike in the Wild Basin; and Lulu Citya historic site within the park where prospectors lived and mined silver and gold during the late 19th Century. More convenient and easier to use than folded maps, but just as compact and lightweight, National Geographics Topographic Map Guide booklets are printed on Backcountry Tough waterproof, tear-resistant paper with stainless steel staples. A full UTM grid is printed on the map to aid with GPS navigation.

Benchmark  Road & Recreation Atlas: Colorado Colorado

Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas: Baja California International Maps. National Geographic’s Trails Illustrated map of Banff South delivers unmatched detail for outdoor enthusiasts exploring the unparalleled mountain scenery and year-round recreational opportunities in the Canadian Rockies. Expertly researched and created in cooperation with Parks Canada and others, the map covers the southern and eastern areas of Banff National Park including popular points of interest Lake Minnewanka, Bow River, Johnston Canyon and the town of Banff. The map also covers Kootenay National Park; Scalp Creek Nature Area; Panther Corner, Dormer Sheep and Ghost PLUZs; Wild Horse and Red Deer River Recreation Areas; Height of the Rockies, Don Getty and Bow Valley Wildland Provincial Parks; Ghost River Wilderness Area; and Mount Assiniboine. Explore the area by following the map to trailheads and then along precisely mapped trails, shown with distance markers in miles and kilometers and labeled for hiking, biking and horseback riding. To aid in your navigation the map shows glaciers and icefields, contour lines and elevations, labeled peaks and passes and water features. Find suitable areas for exploration, according to your area of interest, with labeled campgrounds and campsites, horse camps and corrals, hot springs, river access points, scenic viewpoints, interpretive trails and areas for hiking, cross-country and downhill skiing, biking, fishing. Every Trails Illustrated map is printed on Backcountry Tough waterproof, tear-resistant paper. A full UTM grid is printed on the map to aid with GPS navigation. Other features found on this map include: Banff, Banff National Park, Bow River.

Benchmark  Road & Recreation Atlas: Baja California International Maps

Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas: California – 2021 Edition Maps. The vast openness of Texas is the source of everything that makes it unique. No other publication can display this dense, expansive landscape and its recreation potential with more precision than Benchmarks Texas Road & Recreation Atlas. The field-checked Landscape Maps reveal back-roads & land-forms with amazing realism and detail, clearly showing how the states network of roads and local recreation landmarks fit into the countryside. A Recreation Guide provides regional maps and lists a variety of outdoor activities. Arranged by category, it is the ideal planning tool for any adventure, from a simple day-trip to an extended exploration. Benchmark field-checkers, cartographers, and editors have been working to make the Texas Road & Recreation Atlas the most accurate, comprehensive, and reliable map product ever published for The Lone Star State.

Benchmark  Road & Recreation Atlas: California - 2021 Edition Maps

Benchmark Utah Road & Recreation Atlas – 2021 Edition Maps. Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas: California. From its verdant mountains and vast deserts to the azure sea, California is rich in geographical diversity and natural beauty. Get to know the best of California with this recently updated and improved atlas. Now freeway exit numbers are shown and the Landscape Maps are clearer and brighter. The comprehensive Recreation Guide and accompanying California Road Map are the perfect resources to plan your Golden State adventure.

Benchmark Utah Road & Recreation Atlas - 2021 Edition Maps

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