Arcadia Images Of America: Glen Canyon Dam Fiction. Just 22 miles southeast of Tucson in the Sonoran Desert sits the town of Vail, colloquially known as The Town between the Tracks, which refers to the two train tracks running through its tiny business center. The area is named for Walter L. Vail, who, with his partners, formed the sprawling Empire Ranch in 1876. Vail is also the home of Colossal Cave, a dry cave where visitors can view stunning formations and hear stories of Native Americans, bandits, and moviemakers. The cave served as the site of a Civilian Conservation Corps camp in the mid-1930s, when workers installed trails and lighting in the cave, constructed administration buildings, and built roads and picnic spots in the surrounding area. Colossal Cave is now united with the La Posta Quemada Ranch, a working cattle ranch since the 1870s, to form the 2,400-acre Colossal Cave Mountain Park.

Arcadia Images Of America: Glen Canyon Dam Fiction

Arcadia Images Of America: Glen Canyon Dam Fiction

Arcadia Images Of America: Tombstone, Arizona Fiction. Constructed between 1956 and 1966 by the United States Bureau of Reclamation, Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River was a project of immense proportions. Even before the non-stop pouring of 5 million yards of concrete began, much work had to be accomplished. The town of Page, Arizona was established on a windswept mesa to house workers and their families, and the 1,028-foot Glen Canyon Bridge was built to carry men, materials, and equipment to the dam site. Though the dam has proven a controversial structure throughout its history, the massive undertaking of its construction was an undeniable triumph of ingenuity and determination.

Arcadia Images Of America: Tombstone, Arizona Fiction

Arcadia Arizona Gold Gangster Charles P. Stanton: Truth And Legend In Yavapai’s Dark Days Fiction. Abandoned Arizona: Mining And Memories by Susan Tatterson. Arizona’s geologic riches share more than 1,000 years of history with the state’s agricultural development. Hundreds of years before the Spanish arrived, Native Americans mined and farmed Arizona’s bountiful terrain. Today, modern mining ruins and abandoned farms populate diverse regions of the state and offer the curious explorer much insight into centuries-old mining techniques and farming practices. What remains illuminates the past and chronicles our oftentimes lightning-speed submission to newer technologies and our desertion of land now devoid of its spoils. Abandoned Arizona: Mining and Memories delves, photographically, into several of Arizona’s scarcely settled mining and farming areas. Wandering through Southern Pinal County’s forgotten farms is reminiscent of a visit to a Smithsonian exhibition of antique agricultural machinery and superseded industrial processing methods. Mines, too, leave their mark, and not just in the land they scar–their crumbling remains are testimony to the grit and determination of the West’s early settlers. Many of these once bustling agricultural and industrial sites will one day be erased and succumb to our voracious hunger for urban sprawl. The images in Mining and Memories will remain as testimony to Arizona’s proud history as a land of exceptional beauty and natural bounty.

Arcadia Arizona Gold Gangster Charles P. Stanton: Truth And Legend In Yavapai's Dark Days Fiction

Arcadia Historic Tales Of Territorial Tucson: 1854-1912 Fiction. Arizona Gold Gangster Charles P. Stanton: Truth And Legend In Yavapai’s Dark Days by Parker Anderson. For generations, Arizonans have been fascinated with the story of Charles P. Stanton. The alleged crime boss and mass murderer oversaw a reign of terror in the small mining town that bore his name. Driven by greed, he stole ore, swindled mines away from their owners and bribed his way out of justice. Those who crossed him usually ended up dead. But are the legends actually true? Relying on original source material, including court documents and newspapers, Arizona historian Parker Anderson reveals the true story of Stanton for the first time and broaches the possibility that the mysterious Irish Lord may not have been guilty of the terrible crimes that folklore has attributed to him.

Arcadia Historic Tales Of Territorial Tucson: 1854-1912 Fiction

Arcadia Images Of America: Bisbee Fiction. Historic Tales Of Territorial Tucson: 1854-1912 by David Devine. Tucson was originally settled in 1775, and the Gadsden Purchase brought the tiny settlement on the Santa Cruz River into the United States in 1854. In the decades leading up to Arizona’s statehood in 1912, the territory’s largest city was rife with excitement. A seven-headed, four-hundred-foot-long sea serpent prophesied to the townsfolk. Lady bicyclists caused an uproar with their divided skirts. The new railroad brought three presidents to town. From the city’s brief time in the Confederacy to its crusades against drinking and gambling, from bullfighting rings to sanitariums, author Dave Devine relates stories of the little-known, sometimes lighthearted and often unusual events and personalities of Tucson.

Arcadia Images Of America: Bisbee Fiction

Arcadia Abandoned Arizona: Mining And Memories Fiction. Tombstone sits less than 100 miles from the Mexico border in the middle of the picturesque Arizona desert and also squarely at the heart of America’s Old West. Silver was discovered nearby in 1878, and with that strike, Tombstone was created. It soon grew to be a town of over 10,000 of the most infamous outlaws, cowboys, lawmen, prostitutes, and varmints the Wild West has ever seen. The gunfight at the O.K. Corral made Wyatt Earp and John Henry Doc Holliday legendary and secured Tombstone’s reputation as The Town Too Tough to Die. In this volume, more than 200 striking images and informative captions tell the stories of the heroes and villains of Tombstone, the saloons and brothels they visited, the movies they inspired, and Boot Hill, the well-known cemetery where many were buried.

Arcadia Abandoned Arizona: Mining And Memories Fiction

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